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Ikuu Boys in Tharaka-Nithi soring higher with ESD

by Christine

Small steady improvements wins the race. Having a passionate leader makes all the difference. Madam Judith the ESD focal teacher is indeed very inspiring. One of her mentees in the third form spent the eight months the COVID-19 gave all learners in Kenya to write a book on conserving wildlife. This makes it easy to understand the meaning of ” Productivity is like a sprint, not a marathon.” The school was established as a Model centre for ESD in 2019 and up to now, they have been able to showcase the power of ESD in transforming the society. Among the activities in the school are: Bio-digesters for biogas which is used to supply green energy to the school, aquaphonic farming where they sustainably rear chicken, Greenhouse and fish together. The fish feeding on the waste from the chicken saving on costs of buying fish feeds.

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